Awards and ranking


dear sirs, i am evaluating your app. I hereby will try to explain what we need (i did not understand if it’s possible): Our players will be tourists visiting the City and we would like to greet the best players with real prizes (e.g. the first one reaches a top score, gets a code and the reward is a diner in a local restaurant, or similar). Is this a available feature? Or is your product useful for these purposes? I hope my explanation was clear.


Hello LudoLupo2,

on the result page of your Bound you will see all finished runs of the Bound. Amongst other things you see an overview of the total points, when the Bound was started and how long it took the players to finish it. With these parameters you can easily award the first player who scored a perfect round. Unfortunately there is no automation for this but i think it is quite simple to handle.

If there is anything else i can assist you with please let me know.