Augmented reality in Actionbound

Everyone saw the game Pokemon Go.
I want propose add in Actionbound one feature.
Is it possible to add in Find spot a screen with augmented reality, where in addition to the online picture and the arrow will be visible a 3D spot from a distance of 10-20 meters?

Hi alexxx2016,

that’s true, everyone got really hyped about this Pokemon GO and augmented reality is something we will see more of in the future.
We have a lot of new features we want to add to our app for now, so i think augmented reality won’t be added so soon.

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Could you please confirm if the actionbound app supports any augmented reality as advertised in your video?

If not, could you please explain what you mean by “The program quite literally augments our reality by enhancing peoples’ real-life interaction whilst using their smartphones and tablets”?


that depends on how you define augmented reality. What Actionbound can do is incorporate geo locations and once these locations are found, questions and missions can be played.
If you’re looking for something like Pokemon Go, we don’t offer that.

I hope I could help you.

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