Activate all clues but keep hidden?

I am trying to make a hunt where my friends will all be in one building. They will receive an initial clue with directions of searching anything and everything. I would like all clues to be active and qr scannable if found in no particular order, but to remain hidden in the list if they have not been found.

Is this possible? Great app but limited in usefulness of this is not possible.

Hi Blindbart,

I am not entirely sure whether I understood your idea :wink: I think we need a workaround her.

I have to options for you:

  1. Create a Stage for every riddle. Set the selection of stage to „scan QR code“. Put the clues in an element after thatIn this case the players can see the different stages but not what comes after that :wink:
  2. You could use the Scan QR-code-feature with a Switch (conditions, Before these you could put a quiz element with a question that could only be answered when nearby the QR-code area. E.g. „There are two windows in this room - right or wrong?“ If this one is answered correctly the QR-scan-element would appear next.
    So how could the Switch look like? On each of the QR-code elements you could set it this way: „Element“, choose the quiz right before, „Solved“, „Yes“.

I hope this will help.


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