A quiz where any answer is correct

Can I set a quiz so that any answer is correct? I want to create a threaded storyline. Ask a question and whatever they answer is correct - but every answer unlocks a locations set with a switch.

As I see it now I can make all answers correct but then it requires the players to select all answers as correct and I don’t want that. Any answer should be ok.


Quiz question:
Who killed the knight?

The monk
The thief
The maid
The peasant

Any answer is correct. But it’s a threaded story line . Every answer unlocks a new location that has a switch connected to the answer.

Maybe there is an easier way to do it that I don’t see, being new to this.

/Christoffer Krämer

Hi Christoffer,

we have a new feature for users with an EDU or PRO license. Multiple-Choice quizzes can now have individual points assigned to each answer instead of just being right or wrong.
Another way would be to use a survey instead of a quiz.


Thanks for that reply, Lotta. I’m about to switch to pro so that will sort itself out.

Another question: Is the there a list of the features and functions that are available on PRO och EDU that’s not available for the Personal licence?


Hi Christoffer,

not yet, but we’re working on it. You can contact inquiry@actionbound.com if you have further questions regarding licensing.


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